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Im Yaoi obsessed, be it skyland, bioshock, or whatever else i happen tostart on! =D


Pics from people i watch and those i stumble across!



This Way Up Stamp by InspiredInstinctPikachu Stamp by Kezzi-RoseHero 108 stamp by Bjnix248
:iconzombiestamp1::iconzombiestamp2:computer stamp by Kataang-furubaLook funny by Claire-stampsstamp - lol, facebook by Daeg-NihtYaoi stamp by LarimarWeird Stamp by Musicdevil45Dyspraxics Unite Stamp by YamanakaAngelCSI stamp by SirCrocodileGil Grissom -Surrounded- by Sakura-Kagurazaka
:iconsodaplz1::iconsodaplz2::iconcokestampplz1::iconcokestampplz2:Yaoi Stamp by AnnaethGreenleafXbox 360 stamp by Sonozaki-Mion.Silent Hill Stamp. by jongipsonBioshock Stamp Xbox 360 by XantoZCoca Cola Drinker by JavierZhXI still love PS2 Stamp__ by DarkShelkeBad Mood Stamps Smiling by stamps-club::Insomniac Stamp:: by Sora05Hawt OC stamp by P0W4H-L4D33TeamSilent2 Stamp Tall D by TeamSilent2


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MLP - Crystal Palace Vector by YamanakaAngel
MLP - Crystal Palace Vector
Another hand-drawn oddity. From this poster here: MLP Fimfiction - Darkness To Light POSTER by YamanakaAngel. This took up two sheets of paper to do, as constraining it to one meant bits of it wouldve been cut off, which i didnt want...but trying to line them up in CS6 was like trying to play "pin the tail on the pony" whilest DRUNK. Fun times XD....

I know i couldve used an existing vector, there are some out there, but i wanted the final product to be entirely of my own doing, this was a long-planned endeavor i was very fond drawing the buildings and backgrounds by hand is actually kinda soothing, as it requires a lot of concentrating. And with my ASD, i need all the relaxing i can get! ^__^

So here's hoping somepony out there can make use of it! Id love to know if you do~ ^__^

MLP (c) Hasbro/Faust
MLP - HONK by YamanakaAngel
Pinkie, stop poking Sombra...XD

This was an old SFM thing, rediscovered it whilest burrowing around in the render outputs folder. His expression makes me laugh....

Before anypony asks, this is NOT a shipping pic, although i wont discourage you if you do SHIP them. It just wasnt created with that in mind is all ^^

MLP (c) Hasbro/Faust
My little Pony - I Am the Fire! by YamanakaAngel
My little Pony - I Am the Fire!
Firstly, this is a thank you for two people: My brother and Pastel (from the BSP chat). Both of these awesome people helped pull me out of an epic depressive slump, by listening to me, talking to me, making me smile, and making me laugh (vine videos ftw!) and getting me back into enjoying my art for what it is; MY OWN. Not comparing it to everyone elses, just loving what im drawing and to heck with everything else! And to take getting more confident one step at a time, instead of pushing myself to keep up...

So to you two, THANK YOU. ^_^


From chapter 8, of the fanfic. Sombra and the princesses call a massive gathering at the empires stadium to imaprt some vital warnings to the ponies of the city. Naturally the occasion is intterupted by the shadow creatures invading and attempting to immobilize everypony using a black tarry goo to glue them where they sit. Sombra's rebuttal to this? Become a pony of dark fire. Flame mane and a few other changes...

I drew him minus the armor and whatnot, as seen here: My Little Pony - Battle Stallion by YamanakaAngel as it wouldve kept obscuring the look i wanted to go with! ^^ Plus its rare i DONT draw him wearing some getup or another!

Title is from a song i found last night on iTunes, "I Am The Fire" by Halestorm:

I don't believe I'll fall from grace
Won't let the past decide my fate
Leave forgiveness in my wake
Take the love that I've embraced

I promise to myself, me and no one else
I am more than this
I am the fire...

I am the fire
I am burning brighter
Roaring like a storm
And I am the one I've been waiting for
Screaming like a siren
Alive and burning brighter
I am the fire
I am the fire

Somehow suited him, the overall fic, and the scene, soon as i heard it!

Go give it a listen, its awesome! =3



Sombra was about to respond when he felt a shiver run through him. He shifted, the gold band around his leg catching the light and sparkling.

He looked up at the clouds. They'd been gathering steadily, but looked like normal clouds. Why did he sense something was off-

The clouds burst as an inky rain came sheeting down, covering the ground and seats in seconds, gluing everypony to their chairs. Sombra swore, the sound undetected by the mic.

"Heeelp!" Pinkie Pie squeaked, where she was stuck to the mic control box.

Lightning flashed in the darkening sky. A deluge of those creatures formed out of the rain, the biggest one fixing its gaze on Sombra.

"Well well, little pony prince," it mocked "it seems you're as trapped as your precious charges."

Sombra tried to summon the magic needed to remove the goop, but the substance was all over him, including his horn. It felt like he couldn’t reach his magic-

He heard frantic screams from around him, as the creatures launched out in all directions, intent on draining the ponies-

--No, I wont have it!-- he raged. Shutting his eyes he looked inside, at his magic. Seeing how it swirled like a stunning purple galaxy. Flickers of light like small flames dove in and out of it.

--Fire, that's it! I need something stronger then that first spell...but this gunk is restricting my whole body...there’s no way-- a sudden idea clicked into place.

--Unless I BECOME the flame!-- a surge of hope and triumph lit the spark, and he felt a surge of power as things began to change.

The shadow creatures, their razor lie teeth bared in anticipation of a veritable feast, were distracted by a loud WHOMPF sound.

Glued to their thrones, the Princess took a break from trying to free themselves to stare in shock at Sombra-

The black inky goop was burned away, in a wide radius around him. But that wasn’t all. Normally, his mane and tail were a deep black, flowing like a streamer in the wind. Now it was like liquid fire. Purple fire of an ever shift hue, highlighted by bright purple flames at its outer edge. Similar flames surrounded the metal shoes that formed part of his new outfit. When he opened his eyes, they were a stunning golden hue. The purple aura was still there, evidence of his dark magic.


MLP (c) Habsro/Faust
Song (c) Halestorm
Skyland - Days End -Letter to everyone- by YamanakaAngel
Skyland - Days End -Letter to everyone-
EDIT Thank you, all of you. Things are, right now, going a whole lot better. Ive spoken with those i love and those that bothered me. Things have been worked out to the point where i can think straight at long last....

This fandom was the reason i got onto DA. An obscure animation originally from France, called Skyland. Also the home of the first OC i ever created.

Aka, the Guy on the right (i deliberatly gave him a somewhat adrongynous look ^^'). An AI (artificial intelligence) named Sirus, hosued in a highly adavanced humanoid body, he did a runner from his creators, an organisation named "The Sphere", to aid the leader of the rebel pirates, Aran Cortes (on the left). This being me, it was also the first shonen-ai story i ever did. The fandom has sadly all but faded out, which is a shame, as it holds some of the most precious memories of my time on here.

I drew anything and everything i could think up, without the fear that dogs me today. I had only a few watchers, but they were the sweetest! ^^ If any of them/you see this, i havent forgotten you, or this fandom. You were part of what helped pull me out of a 2-year bout of clinical depression after i lost my job and suffered a severe breakdown.

I wish you could do it one more time, im struggling to win this round. My brother, to whom i owe yet another round of gratitude, helped break an emotional deadlock that had me feeling, welll....sweet FA for almost a week on end. Things i loved, things i feared, neither was making any impact. I couldnt cry, couldnt laugh...i just felt empty. It effectively felt like i shattered deep down. My reaction to everything was just...."F**k it". I miss the simple happiness of this fandom, of those days. Where it wasnt just a matter of how many comments i got, or how many faved it. Where i fell in love with drawing.

Where i wasnt feeling like i was fighting to keep up with people i seen as so much more talented and strong than i could ever be. Something that has been drowned beneath a fandom that is simply too big and frightening for someone who suffers from crippling social interaction phobia. I always thought meeting other fans would help me feel less alone...but in the end, i couldnt handle it. Seeing how confident they are, how they can effortlessly display the wonders they create. By nature, i am not confident. Texting and IM-ing and even posting things here...all it takes is careful typing, and i seem like any other person.

But reality is a different picture. In reality, i tend to cry a lot.  The voice you may hear on Skype is the result of exhausting levels of self control, to make my reponses sound right, to always sound cheerful. Never let anyone see theers something od about me. This hides how im feeling a large amount of the time. I get scared of people ive grown to really like laughing at the things i do. Wether its family or friends, I cant read people's voices, or facial expressions. Dont get me started on body language. Im Autistic. A condition ive viewed as a curse for a long time. Its effectively crippled many areas of my life. I may be able to reason it through in my head, but put me in the live situation and i cant control my emotions. Theres no method of curing it. Its a condition caused from birth, where the brain literally fails to develop the way it should. Neural pathways that are supposed to be there don't form, causing a fractured emotional state. Traits can vary from person to person. My specific diagnosis is "High-functioning". What this means is i have a normal enough IQ, and am capable of constructing a facade the otuisde world sees and views as normal, but underneath i suffer from the severe emotional problems the condition entails.

Until two years ago, while i knew something was wrong, i couldnt afford to go private, it wouldve cost hundreads of pounds. But in 2013, the NHS (National Health Service, the UKs healthcare program), began funding free diagnosis on referral from a doctor. This meant i finally knew what i had, and how to beguin understanding it. The therapist was shocked at the state i was in when i came to her. I blamed myself, viewed myself as simply being WRONG. Convinced i deserved the taunting the laughter, the hurtful comments from those around me. Couldnt defend myself, id given up. I made fun of myself, tried to make it look like none of it hurt, simply enduring it all.

I seen an interesting study on TV, where they ran neural scans on a sample group of average people, and a group with autistic disorders. They discovered the typical autistic uses three times as much mental power and energy as a normal person doing the same task.

It was only last night i finally managed to start getting past this mental block. To finally cry was such a relief, even if it did take hours before i stopped...

I was listening to a playlist on youtube whilest working on this and came across an MLP song called "alone in the dark" by Jeff burgess and Lady Aria. This last part reminds me of my talk with my brother, just replace "She" with "He"

Through all the armor and black
She saw my true form and my mask
Don't leave me here, I cried, please don't let me go
She stayed with me to let me know

The final bit just sums up how this condition makes me feel:

I'm all alone in the dark
Trapped in shadow and scarred
Deep in the back of my heart
Is a soul uncharred

I'm all alone in the dark
I've never played my part
Pretend I don't even exist
For I'll never find a way to escape these bars

It's a beautiful song, lovely singer. Lucky for me, i can download it off bandcamp....ive had it on repeat on YT for the last half hour.

I have to go worn out emotionally from last night, and i can barely see straight...

But heres a silly image from my iPad camera...a plushie parade! (And thats not ALL of them).

Plush-parade by YamanakaAngel

Skyland (c) I cant rememebr T__T
Sirus (c) me


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^ LOL dizzy-making button!

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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 12, 2015, 9:41 AM
Soo...yep. My old iPod went what can only technically called "snooker-loopy". The battery is shot, it can barely retain any charge any more...

New ones proving finnicky. Turns out its a slow process copying over the old playlists..

@___@ I may be here awhile....

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